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RPG Vault previews Beyond Divinity

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RPG Vault previews Beyond Divinity

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 17 February 2004, 23:13:56

Tags: Beyond Divinity

RPG Vault posted a preview of Beyond Divinity

The party system in Beyond Divinity is a major new gameplay element. Not only will you have total control over both the Death Knight and your avatar, but there will also be other additions to the party as you proceed through the story acts. Summoning dolls are spread out over the world, although they'll be hard to obtain. They will give you a permanent new party member, and you may even choose to spend some of your own skill points to make them stronger. The introduction of this feature definitely makes most occasions of combat more tactical and exciting. Battles can be paused at any time using the space bar so you can think over your strategy for a moment and give orders to your party members. Some of the game's puzzles and quests will also require you to make clever use of your followers. Apart from that, having the Death Knight in your group adds a lot of flavor and character to the whole game experience, as he'll occasionally make some sarcastic yet funny remarks.​
Funny remarks are good, but what about romance?

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