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Geneforge 2 review all local and stuff

Geneforge 2 review all local and stuff

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 19 February 2004, 10:37:47

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Spazmo wrote up a review of Geneforge 2 for us, so I figured I'd post it. Here's a clip:

This brings me to another point about Geneforge 2: your actions have consequences in this game. Each faction hears about the various things you do on the island, the things you say to people and the views you express. If you help a rogue servile escape, for example, people will hear about it. Some, like the Awakened who believe in freedom and equality for the serviles, will think better of you. Others, such as the Shaper community of Drypeak, will frown upon this. NPCs will be more or less willing to hand out quests and information. Merchants will raise or lower their prices. You have to be careful when making decisions not to alienate anyone you might need later, making it that much harder to walk the "free agent" path and not choose a faction at all.​

The factions system has always been a check in the plus column for this series.

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