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RPGs of 2004 article on Silven

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RPGs of 2004 article on Silven

Editorial - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 1 March 2004, 15:46:20

Tags: Beyond Divinity

Silven has posted a little article about how much 2002 and 2003 sucked for CRPGs, but why we should look forward to 2004. One of the reasons is because of Beyond Divinity per this:

There’s no doubting it, Beyond Divinity is going to be one heck of a ground breaking CRPG. With American companies having dropped the proverbial ball, it seems that European companies have picked it up and slammed-dunked it. Not only will Beyond Divinity sport a re-tooled and bug-free engine this time around, but it will also attempt to create a “Random Quest Generator” that could become the most imitated gameplay addition in a CRPG since Ultima 4’s Cause-and-effect alignment system. Furthermore, Beyond Divinity starts out with your peace-loving character being permanently “bonded” to the soul of one of your black hearted enemies…and then throws you into another dimension where you are forced to work with this hateful beast in order to escape. The premise is so original that I’m shocked no one has thought of it before. Even the skill system is revolutionary in the way that you can actually create your own skills by modifying certain attributes of the generic ones. Although details have been sketchy, there is no doubt that character customization in Beyond Divinity will reach heights never before seen by any other CRPG. Even the artificial intelligence is said to have been reprogrammed, giving monsters the same spells and skills as your own and giving them the ability to hide and teleport away from you if their odds of survival dip too low.​

Random quest generation is new?

Thanks, DemonKing!

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