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Sacred GOLD (english version)!

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Sacred GOLD (english version)!

Game News - posted by Whipporowill on Thu 4 March 2004, 18:36:50

Tags: Ascaron Entertainment; Sacred

As per this post by Ascaron Marketing Manager 'top dog', the english version of Sacred has taken on that golden hue we all love, and is being presssed as we speak. Rejoice!

SACRED English has gone gold and as I type cd's are coming off the line, printers are running off the beautiful 68 page manual, and retailers are placing orders for a street date of March 19th UK and Nordic and Benelux and South Africa
Australasia and US~Canada remain March 23rd, although shipping distances in US~Canada and Aus may make this a week later.
Greece should also be March 19th
Russian (Akella) and Polish and Czech (Cenega) are scheduled mid April
Italian and Spanish versions are scheduled May from FX Interactive. Spanish for South America is also May.

Japanese is signed but has no forecast date as of today
France remains April in French
China is negotiating and should close for end March on sales 12 weeks later in Chinese
remaining gaps I want to find partners for are

Mid East
Parts of Asia

Who thinks Ascaron has got a pretty big sleeper hit here?

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