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Ascaron Entertainment

Ascaron Entertainment

There are 50 articles associated with this tag:

18-Apr-2009 [Company News] Ascaron kick the bucket over Sacred 2
17-Dec-2008 [Game News] More Free Content for Sacred 2
29-Nov-2008 [Game News] Sacred 2 Works Hard for the Money
10-Nov-2008 [Review] Sacred 2 divides reviewers
20-Feb-2008 [Game News] Sacred 2 vids up on official site
17-May-2007 [Community] Sacred Forums 2 launch
11-May-2007 [Development Info] Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel official blog opens at 1UP
22-Mar-2007 [Preview] First look at Sacred 2 at DEN
24-Oct-2005 [Company News] Ascaron getting bigger
7-Sep-2005 [Review] Sacred Underworld review at GameSpot
11-Jun-2005 [Review] LoadedInc happy with Sacred Underworld
6-Jun-2005 [Review] RPGDot meh on Sacred Underworld
26-May-2005 [Game News] Sacred 2 in the works
4-May-2005 [Game News] Sacred Underworld GOLD
5-Feb-2005 [Preview] Sacred Underworld Previewed in German
1-Dec-2004 [Game News] Sacred Patched to 1.8.26
22-Oct-2004 [Game News] Sacred Plus Patch
19-Oct-2004 [Game News] Sacred Plus available!
22-Aug-2004 [Game News] Sacred character reset for betatesters
19-Aug-2004 [Development Info] Sacred 1.7 open beta patch released
19-Aug-2004 [Game News] Sacred Underworld announced
13-Aug-2004 [Development Info] Sacred Plus announced
17-Jul-2004 [Development Info] Sacred 1.7 beta patch ready
21-May-2004 [Review] Game Over Reviews Sacred - and says things...
19-May-2004 [Review] Sacred review at 3DAvenue
18-May-2004 [Review] Quandary Looks At Sacred
15-May-2004 [Interview] Sacred special event #4 concluded
26-Apr-2004 [Review] Tech Geek is crazy about Sacred
23-Apr-2004 [Development Info] SACRED also patched by Germans
15-Apr-2004 [Game News] Sacred patch 1.6 released
13-Apr-2004 [Review] IGN thinks Sacred is OK
10-Apr-2004 [Review] Just RPG loves Sacred
10-Apr-2004 [Review] Sacred regurgitated by Gamespy
8-Apr-2004 [Review] Gameguru enjoys Sacred
7-Apr-2004 [Review] GameSpot criticizes Sacred
4-Apr-2004 [Review] Sacred is just all right with the Discworld
1-Apr-2004 [Game News] Sacred Troubleshooting Tips
26-Mar-2004 [Development Info] Sacred 1.5 Beta 2 patch released
21-Mar-2004 [Review] Sacred review at Jolt.co.uk
18-Mar-2004 [Game News] Growing pains and stuff
17-Mar-2004 [Preview] The Wargamer looks at Sacred
14-Mar-2004 [Interview] Sacred PROFESHUNAL Q&A at Gamer's Hell
4-Mar-2004 [Game News] Sacred GOLD (english version)!
18-Feb-2004 [Game News] Sacred GOLD in Germany
16-Feb-2004 [Game News] Sacred demo hits the interweb - Part II
9-Feb-2004 [Game News] GenGamers scores Sacred screens
1-Feb-2004 [Game News] Sacred gameplay footage at GenGamers
22-Jan-2004 [Interview] Sacred team interviewed by RPGDot
14-Jan-2004 [Preview] Sacred insights at IGN
18-Dec-2003 [Game News] Sacred gets a publisher and a release date

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