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Sacred 1.7 open beta patch released

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Sacred 1.7 open beta patch released

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 19 August 2004, 17:00:19

Tags: Ascaron Entertainment; Sacred

Well, speaking of ironing out the problems with Sacred, it looks like they're doing just that. Ascaron has just released the third 1.7 open beta patch. Here's a list of the fixes:

- fixed numerous issues causing items to dissapear
- fixed an issue causing SC characters to become HC
- fixed a freeze caused when starting a game
- fixed numerous issues with Horse
- fixed "ghost" items not being displayed properly due to lag
- fixed several exploits
- changed HP of some foes by reducing them and increasing Resistances
- changed EXP gained in the different difficulty levels
- changed spells as outlined in fixlist in the beta forum
- changed calculation for stun spells (now: 0.4 x playerlevel + 5 x spell level > foe level for it to work). If it is a boss then the foe gains a x1.3 level bonus.
- fixed several issues causing the Dragon fire not to be displayed

Balancing changes

- Ajusted the amount of damage the Vampiress takes during the day so that the Vampirism skill level needs to be 10 times as higher than the KK Vamp form in order to stop her from taking damage...
This is to stop continues use of the Vamp form.

General Changes
- Giant Spiders are now all Bosses (Except Quest Spiders)
- Shaddar Riders now give 50% more EXP
- Increased EXP Bonus depending on difficulty level (to make leveling more interesting at higher server levels)
- Changed in HP and Resistances to various foes.​

Shaddar Riders definitely needed to give more experience. Those things were way too powerful for what they gave.

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