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First look at Sacred 2 at DEN

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First look at Sacred 2 at DEN

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 22 March 2007, 16:27:08

Tags: Ascaron Entertainment; Sacred 2

Digital Entertainment News has posted a "first look" article, presenting Sacred 2 to their readers.

Each of the different classes have a large skill tree to go through, which is normal for this type of game. What is going to make this game different however will be the combination system where players can combine different skills and attacks into one button press. The longer the combo, the longer the recharge time, as one might expect. The goal is for everybody to go through the game, build up a character, go through a second time to get the full story, and have a unique character at the end of the process.

Aside from the varying skill trees, each character type will have their own type of mount that can be used. Mounts are not going to be primarily used for transportation (though there will be some of that) instead the use will be mostly for combat. The idea will be that players can get on their mount and wade through a large wave of enemies. Don’t only look for just horses, I was shown a couple of creatures, including a rather large tiger-like creature.
I'm looking forward to this game. Sacred was one of the most interesting/original Diablo-like games, so I'm curious to see how they developed the concept.

Spotted at: RPG Watch

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