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Sacred Underworld announced

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Sacred Underworld announced

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 19 August 2004, 16:55:16

Tags: Ascaron Entertainment; Sacred Underworld

Sacred is getting a full blown commercial expansion:

MIDLANDS, England (August 19th, 2004) - European games publisher, ASCARON ENTERTAINMENT announce at Leipzig Games Convention, the launch of SACRED Underworld, the first official expansion pack for the award winning PCCD role play game, SACRED. Set for release Q1 2005, Sacred Underworld begins directly where the original game left off.

It continues to tell the story of the kingdom of Ancaria, which is now facing a dreadful threat coming from its very depths. After Shaddar's demise, the player is drawn into the depths and faces a completely new, bizarre, bright and vast underworld. After many adventures above and below the world's surface, the hero will finally stand before the Portal of Hell, in an intense and dramatic climax.

Confirmed features so far:

  • Two new characters (Dwarf, Succubus)
  • Two new stories
  • World expansion of approx. 30 to 40 %
  • Completely new monsters and NPCs
  • New items and armor sets
  • Horses can be equipped
  • Special final opponents
  • Improved interface

I'd rather see all the problems of the game ironed out first.

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