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Sacred Underworld Previewed in German

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Sacred Underworld Previewed in German

Preview - posted by Exitium on Sat 5 February 2005, 00:46:08

Tags: Ascaron Entertainment; Sacred Underworld

Two German online magazines, <a href=http://www.krawall.de/artikel.php?s=4e6a1f291324e0684e6f2ae3c1157707&artikel_id=13693>Krawall[/url], and Gamesweb have published their previews of the expansion pack to Ascaron's Sacred, a dungeon hacker that we liked at the Codex. If anyone speaks German, please feel free to help us translate the two previews.

Even if you can't read them, there's plenty of new eyecandy to see, with screenshots of Underworld's new classes, the Dwarf and the Succubus. The Dwarf looks like an engineer, and from the looks of it, he uses equipment like flamethrowers and guns.

Spotted at RPGDot

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