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Sacred special event #4 concluded

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Sacred special event #4 concluded

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 15 May 2004, 02:59:36

Tags: Ascaron Entertainment; Sacred

There's a log of the event covering future updates of Sacred over on the Sacred English Forums for those who missed it. Hell, I missed it. I didn't even know about it. Anyway, here's a clip:

Q: Is auto-heal a feature that can be considered? Let's say that if you have about 5 or 10% of your hitpoints left that it would automaticly take a healing potion?
A: I do not like features that eg. use healing potions automatically. Think about having only one potion left - and then it is used automatically... This is a decision of the player.​

Sounds like a Dungeon Siege fan.

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