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Sacred 1.7 beta patch ready

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Sacred 1.7 beta patch ready

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 17 July 2004, 03:05:01

Tags: Ascaron Entertainment; Sacred

At long last, the 1.7 beta patch for Sacred has been shoved out the door for playtesting. Here's a minor list of improvements:

• NEW: Team chat can now be selected by pressing CTRL+ENTER
• NEW: Lobby Search now includes the facility to search for all players who are currently in-game
• Quest items and portal runes can now be collected using the “A” (Collect All) function if you selected “Only Unique” in the option menu
• VAMPIRESS: “Resurrection” Spell can no longer be used on other player characters
• BATTLEMAGE: “Fireball” spell is now stronger
• Minimum level requirements for Silver, Gold, Platinum have been increased to 30/60/100 respectively
• NEW: Low-level sets have been added
• All Servers/Room now have a minimum and maximum level display
• Items which have certain skill bonuses (Critical Hit etc.) have now been correctly balanced
• Several random crashes have been fixed
• Further quest changes have been made, including obtainable rewards which have been re-balanced
• Fixed several issues where the players character name would disappear
• Fixed known issues where the main quest would not work correctly on certain system configurations
• Gravestone texts have been changed (International Only)
• Fixed an overflow issue for attainable skill levels (where lvl 255 + 1 would reset to 0)
• Various disappearing item issues fixed​

That's a hell of a painful bug. I have a 255 skill, one point more and I'll be king of the world! Here I go! Clicking.. D'OH!

Spotted at: Blue's News

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