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GameSpot criticizes Sacred

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GameSpot criticizes Sacred

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 7 April 2004, 05:22:59

Tags: Ascaron Entertainment; Sacred

GameSpot posted a detailed review of Sacred giving it 7.6 overall and 7.0 for gameplay.

In comparison to some of its hack-and-slash RPG peers, Sacred is in some ways definitely a deeper RPG than Dungeon Siege or Diablo, since it's less linear and quests are more frequent and varied, but its gameplay isn't as polished as in those games. Sacred is a welcome addition to the genre that distinguishes itself by incorporating a few novel gameplay tweaks. However, the game's success is ultimately limited by an unrewarding character development system and by combat that is too frequently tedious rather than engaging.​
Interesting. Just for the record, Dungeon Siege got 8.4, was praised as a first rate action RPG with a simple and intuitive character system, and readers were reassured that different places and enemies would keep the combat interesting. In case you are wondering, both reviews are written by Desslock. Go figure.

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