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Sacred character reset for betatesters

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Sacred character reset for betatesters

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 22 August 2004, 03:05:09

Tags: Ascaron Entertainment; Sacred

Per this news item on the Sacred site, it looks like all the people who've been playing the on going beta version of 1.7 will have their characters reset Monday.

This coming Monday we would like to initiate the Character Reset for the 1.7 Lobby. Since it was originally planned to be done when Patch 1.7 Final is released, we have moved the reset forward in order to follow up on the lost and ghost item issue. We have found that there is a high chance this problem is caused by old characters. By deleting them, everyone will start on a clean slate and we can follow more efficiently if items are still lost as well as ascertain further causes if the problem persists.

This reset is going to be a one time thing. Once it has been completed, there will NOT be another reset even after Patch 1.7 goes online.​

Oh, the perils of betatesting.

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