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Growing pains and stuff

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Growing pains and stuff

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 18 March 2004, 19:10:56

Tags: Ascaron Entertainment; Sacred

Looks like Sacred is out in Europe a day or so early, and that's created problems for the Ascaron guys. Per this post, there seems to be some pretty scary problems:

If you have the International Version of Sacred do not, repeat do NOT try to connect to the Servers, create an account or anything like this.

The International Version will get it's OWN lobby which will go online tomorrow. If you attempt to log in now on the GERMAN Server your account and CDKEY will be LOST.

I say again, do NOT try to log into the GERMAN LOBBY, it does NOT work with Sacred.

FURTHERMORE do NOT try to get your online name reserved in the GERMAN Sacred Forum. An ENGLISH/INTERNATIONAL Forum will go online tomorrow for this purpose.​

Looks like getting the game early might not be such a blessing after all, eh?

Spotted at: Ascaron forums

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