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Sacred 2 divides reviewers

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Sacred 2 divides reviewers

Review - posted by Elwro on Mon 10 November 2008, 18:07:05

Tags: Ascaron Entertainment; Sacred 2

The new h&s from Ascaron has a couple of new reviews, one fairly positive, one quite devastating. So, a site called Honest Gamers has some bad news for the fans of the original game:
The complexity of actually playing the game sits awkwardly alongside the extremely basic combat system, which involves clicking and, well, usually missing single targets. The Witcher's different attack styles would have gone some way to fix this, though it wouldn't have made the enemies any less retarded. While fighting is obviously an essential part of the levelling system in an action-RPG, I became so bored of the constant barrage of charging enemies that I decided to just run away. Within about five seconds, they'd given up, and gone back about their business as if nothing had happened.
Just like some of the raiders in the new Fallout. I swear, ants are more persistent in chasing their prey.
Voice acting's shoddy, the script is embarrassing, speech regularly gets stuck and loops, NPCs appear out of nowhere right in front of you, the camera's rubbish, it runs abysmally despite the awful-looking engine...
All right, all right, we get the picture. Let's move to a more optimistic review at Fragland, with a score of 80%:
With experience points you can shape your enormous skill three that has more branches than an oak. Thousands of items, weapons, armor, combos, spells... are available and they're also upgradeable through runes. Add to that about 500 sidequests, a ton of dungeons and a map covering about twenty square kilometers and you immediately know what you get with this game.
Sounds like the original. But since I still haven't fully explored it, I'd need more incentive to buy the second part.

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