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Sacred Plus available!

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Sacred Plus available!

Game News - posted by Whipporowill on Tue 19 October 2004, 23:25:54

Tags: Ascaron Entertainment; Sacred Plus

For those that own german Ascaron's Sacred, you can now download the extra 130 Mb content patch that was just released. According to a developer post on the official Sacred forum the Plus addition includes the following:

Sacred Plus incorporates all of the feedback from the player-community since the first release of Sacred. This includes an improved multi-player experience, an optimized interface and completely revised balancing. Furthermore, this version contains many completely new features to make adventuring in Ancaria even more exciting.

New features:

• Two new regions
• Two extensive main quests
• Five new adversaries
• One new enemy boss
• Six new armor sets
• Fifteen new types of weapons
• Includes all previous updates to date</BLOCKQUOTE>The Plus edition will also be available in several contries in boxed format. For dates in your country, check this post in the Official Sacred forum. Gotta love developers giving away free content, whatever you might think of the actual game.​

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