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Sacred Plus announced

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Sacred Plus announced

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 13 August 2004, 01:52:28

Tags: Ascaron Entertainment; Sacred Plus

Per the Sacred website, the nice people at Ascaron are developing a free add-on to the game. Here's some details:

This year will see the release of SACRED PLUS. This new version will include the addition of new quests, weapons and enemies. Adventurers will also discover the existance of 2 completely new regions to explore.

While the development of Patch 1.7 has continued towards its near-conclusion, members of the graphics and quest-scripting teams have been busy working on a free expansion. This will be made available as a free download on the Sacred homepage and on the pages of our partners soon. This is Ascaron's way of thanking the community for their continued feedback and for their full support.

For those who have yet to purchase SACRED, or for existing gamers who wish to boost their collection, SACRED PLUS will also be released to retail. The SACRED PLUS retail edition will contain the highly acclaimed SACRED game as well as Ascaron's first official "PLUS" extension.

Join the discussion: Sacred Plus Discussion in the Forum.

Well, you can't beat free. That's for sure.

Thanks, Mr. Teatime of Duck and Cover!

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