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Sacred patch 1.6 released

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Sacred patch 1.6 released

Game News - posted by Spazmo on Thu 15 April 2004, 22:39:37

Tags: Ascaron Entertainment; Sacred

Those kooky krauts are at it again: the <a href=http://eng.sacred-game.com/changelog.php?s=&showversion=172>Sacred patch 1.6[/url] has been released. Here some fixes.

* Fixed calculation of item level when forging them into special items. New item level is now the level of the item forged which has the highest level.
* Fixed EXP bonus when touching special statues. Received EXP bonus reduced to an appropriate level.
* Fixed EXP when defeating Bosses and Champions. Received EXP raised to an appropriate level.
* Improved colour scheme of the enemy status indicator.
* Improved variation of the enemy level when re-spawning.
* Fixed an issue where the wrong bonus was given by potions.
* the performance has been improved
* Fixed an issue where a rare crash appeared while fighting against monsters
* forged rings have been counted twice -> forged items must be forged out of the item and forged into the item again. Otherwise there won’t be any bonuses.
* a possible reason for crashes is fixed
* added a tooltip for the forger so the item stats can now be viewed
* Localisation additions
* added a new option for the Configuration Tool to create logs while playing​

"Localisation additions"... does that mean more gore for North America?
Spotted at: Blue's News

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