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More Free Content for Sacred 2

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More Free Content for Sacred 2

Game News - posted by baby arm on Wed 17 December 2008, 21:02:07

Tags: Ascaron Entertainment; Sacred 2

Sacred 2 has been updated, once again adding new content to go with the bug fixes.
New Content:
* A new area for exploration, including an underground portion
* New “snowy landscape” textures and objects
* New sounds for the snowy landscape
* Roughly 20 new creatures
* New NPC’s
* A new quest chain
* A new armor set for each character
* New armor items and weapons

Fixes (a detailed list is available at
* Game server creation bugs have been fixed in both single- and multiplayer play
* Some Combat Arts for all characters have been adjusted or re-balanced
* Visual issues (such as UI elements not fading out properly) have been fixed
* Miscellaneous sound and graphical fixes in various environments and situations

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