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Sacred 2 Works Hard for the Money

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Sacred 2 Works Hard for the Money

Game News - posted by baby arm on Sat 29 November 2008, 00:08:04

Tags: Ascaron Entertainment; Sacred 2

Sacred 2 received a nice little boost today with Content Update Patch 2.31. Changes include:
Implemented a new ingame options menu.
Added ten new bosses to reward exploration.
Added eight new portals for more convenient travelling around Ancaria.
New “level of detail system” for better general performance.
Better pathing.
End bosses use more/improved special abilities.
Opponents in dungeons are more challenging now.
Buffs can no longer be activated when the selected combat art slot is empty.
Improved targeting with combos.
Improved drop reward for the completion of side quests.
“Mastery” of the skill "Enhanced Perception" will now yield significantly better chest drops.

The Sacred 2 news continues with an A- review from Tom Chick at 1UP as well as his 10 Reasons You Should Be Playing Sacred 2.
1) Characters classes
Choose among six classes, each of which has nearly infinite ways to advance on the way to his or her level 200 level cap. The usual suspects include an evil wizard, a good elf wizard, and a necromancer warrior. But there are also an angel in high heel shoes, a hippie-chick elf who collects severed heads, and a robot dog with a laser gun for an arm. Let's see Diablo III top that.

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