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Anito gabs with WithinGames

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Anito gabs with WithinGames

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 11 March 2004, 08:18:21

Tags: Anino Entertainment; Anito: Defend a Land Enraged

WithinGames has an interview with Gabby Dizon of Anino Entertainment about Anito: Defend a Land Enraged. Here's a bit on getting high marks:

(3) Anito is now available in different countries since november 03 and has received a lot of very positive reviews. Did you reckon such a good feedback or are you a little surprised too?

We´ve always hoped for good feedback from reviewers, but some of it (including your Editor´s Choice Award!) has taken us a bit by surprise. As a first-time game developer, it feels great to have your work appraised highly by other gamers worldwide. Also, given our limited budget in producing the game, we were afraid that some gamers will not be able to look past the production value and enjoy the gameplay itself. This has been true in a few cases, but the overall response has been very encouraging!​

I can look passed a hell of a lot of low production values as long as they don't interfere with the gameplay itself. I'm special like that.

Thanks, Gabby!

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