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Just RPG recommends ADOM

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Just RPG recommends ADOM

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 30 March 2004, 01:43:22

Tags: Ancient Domains of Mystery

Just RPG posted a review of ADOM - Ancient Domains of Mystery, one of the best rogue-like games out there.

ADOM is possibly the most complex of all roguelikes. You start the game by creating a character. You can choose between many classic fantasy races, and an incredible number of professions (including original ones such as Farmer and Blacksmith). Unlike other games, however, where your choices have little impact on the way the game is played, your choices in ADOM will transform the entire playing experience. Not only will you have different skills and stats - you will also gain different unique abilities as your character progresses. An Elementalist, for example, will become resistant to fire, while another character might learn how to perform a special attack, or be seen as a friend by animals, or be immune to the weather, or something completely different. I think this description should give you an idea of just how deep the game is.

Finally, there are those who will be turned off by the lack of graphics. To those I can only say, you'll be sorry if you don't try it. After playing a game for a while, you cease to see the graphics, and only see their meaning. In the end, a tunnel in Morrowind is not much different from one in ADOM.​
Damn right! I usually start looking at graphics only when gameplay gets boring

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