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VGL looking forward to Beyond Divinity

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VGL looking forward to Beyond Divinity

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 30 March 2004, 23:50:49

Tags: Beyond Divinity

VideoGamesLife posted a preview of Beyond Divinity, a game that they claim blended the combat of Diablo with the storylines of Baldur’s Gate, mixed with interactivity similar to that found in Ultima Online. The preview doesn't mention the new combat changes, and focuses instead on stuff we already know.

Beyond Divinity has two party members to manage, which means that both the Death Knight and the main character are playable. The standard RPG fare of being able to select the party members individually, or both at once, is in place. As a result of the aforementioned soul-binding, if one character dies, so does the other, so the player has to not only use each character’s skills wisely, but make sure they compliment each other well. The gaming experience will be familiar to many RPG fans, with combat similar to Diablo juxtaposed with a rich, detailed story offering hundreds of side-quests and promising hours upon hours of playing time. Add to this the new feature of summoning dolls – rare artefacts that allow the player to summon fighting beasts, whose skills can be controlled and managed, creating a new element to the game somewhat similar to Pokemon. Also, many mini-games (such as playing chess against a demon, or completing a recipe for hungry dwarves) are expected.​
I hope that collecting all the summining dolls is one of the quests: Gotta catch them all!

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