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New project from Larian Studios

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New project from Larian Studios

Company News - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 1 April 2004, 17:12:39

Tags: Larian Studios

Larian Studios has announced a new RPG called CaRPG that lets you play as a car cyborg Transformers-style. Here is the first screenshot

Mount over 60 different weapons on your vehicle and choose between 20 different cars, ranging from a very basic buggy (pun intended, see screenshot) up to very heavy trucks. Upgrade your character with several shields, armors, spikes, batteries, engines and so on. You'll start with basis of a steel-wire buggy, covered only with a leather hull, but look out for the chain-fence, full plate or titan armor plates! The weapon range is from a basic Katana up to multiple grenade launchers or even Ion canons.

When you get more experienced you will not only get faster and stronger, you also get bonus skills and equipment after reaching a certain level, such as special bumpers for escape saltos with your car, rocket boosters for high jumps or even gravitation belts for levitation. What more would a car want?​
That definitely sounds cool. A Transformers RPG is long overdue.

Spotted at: HomeLan

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