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Beyond Divinity preview at eToychest

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Beyond Divinity preview at eToychest

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 5 April 2004, 20:35:18

Tags: Beyond Divinity

eToychest posted a very positive hands-on preview of Beyond Divinity. They think it's a an intense and deep single-player RPG that will satisfy even the most game play hungry gamers

Beyond Divinity makes another addition to the Divinity series by bringing in party-based game play. The player controls both their hero and the Death Knight, and can control the customization of both. There are also Summoning Dolls, small voodoo-like rag dolls that summon a monster to fight alongside you. These creatures are extremely powerful due to the fact that they can be upgraded by sacrificing skill points from the two main characters. Skills can be purchased for summoned characters in the same manner, and each skill point donated equals two points to spend on the creature. They can also equip weapons and armor like any other character. The weak point of the Summoning Dolls is they have a limited range of travel from the point where they were first summoned, so some thought needs to be put into their use.​
I'm not sure I like that limited range thing. Hopefully, it's implemented better then it sounds.

Spotted at: RPG Dot

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