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Beyond Divinity interview at RealGamer

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Beyond Divinity interview at RealGamer

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 6 April 2004, 18:58:23

Tags: Beyond Divinity; Larian Studios

Real Gamer UK posted an interview with Christophe Heerinckx, Beyond Divinity's assistant producer.

How has fan feedback from Divine Divinity influenced the development of Beyond Divinity?

Christophe: I believe the new stats and skills systems address a lot of complaints we’ve been reading in our forums. We reduced the amount of hack-and-slash to manageable levels, since players were pretty unhappy about that. We’ve also made sure the ending of the game is a lot more fun than it was in Divinity 1. Actually, the ending was one of the first things we did, just so that we’d be sure we wouldn’t run out of time and ruin it again. The Battlefields are our answer to the many players who are replaying Divinity over and over again. The Gameplay boosters are more prominent. And very importantly, we’ve paid a lot more attention to items and equipment, making sure that you have pretty cool uniques. There’s more but that should give you some idea.

How does the games combat system differ to the one we saw in Divine Divinity?

Christophe: Beyond Divinity contains total party control. Because of the party aspect and the new character development system, combat has become a lot more tactical and interesting. The pause button has definitely become more important, but we also made modifications which allow you to play it in real time.​
I'd rather they made a turn-based modification, then several more real time modes.

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