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New Freedom Force developer diary at IGN

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New Freedom Force developer diary at IGN

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Thu 15 April 2004, 22:43:52

Tags: Freedom Force versus the Third Reich; Irrational Games

IGN have a fresh developer diary by Irrational's Jon Chey discussing the upcoming superhero RPG/tactical combat game, Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich.

In the previous edition of this diary, I talked about how we (Irrational) go from a high level story concept to a high-level overview of an individual mission. The kind of description we have at this stage is a paragraph long piece of text that identifies the major plot points in the mission and how they are conveyed. To recap, here's the example I was working with last time:

The heroes are captured and frozen by Nuclear Winter. Player is introduced to and given control of El Diablo (CS). El Diablo must track down and free the frozen heroes. (GA) The heroes are ambushed by NW's missions and must fight them. (GA) The defeated minions reveal that this was a diversion and NW is stealing a bomb. (IG) El Diablo agrees to join FF, and the four of them vow to stop Nuclear Winter's plan, taking off after him. (CS)

The various elements are identified as cut-scenes (CS), game action (GA) or in-game scripted sequences (IG) - kind of like cut-scenes only we don't control the camera or stop the action.

So now the question is: how do we turn this piece of text into an actual mission?​

However they do, it turns out damned good. I can't wait for the next installment of FF later this year.

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