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Irrational Games

Irrational Games

There are 52 articles associated with this tag:

1-Apr-2023 [Codex Review] RPG Codex Retrospective Review: Freedom Force
1-Nov-2014 [Mod News] System Shock 2 Community Patch Released
18-Feb-2014 [Company News] Ken Levine shuts down Irrational Games
23-Aug-2013 [Interview] System Shock 2 Roundtable Interview Podcast at IncGamers
3-Apr-2013 [Review] RPG Codex Review: BioShock Infinite [Spoilers!]
14-Feb-2013 [Game News] System Shock 2 released on GOG
28-Nov-2012 [Editorial] The Making of System Shock 2 with Ken Levine @ Edge Online
15-Aug-2012 [Information] Freedom Force vs The Third Reich 60% Off at GOG
28-Jul-2008 [Review] A long-winded rant about BioShock
24-Feb-2007 [Community] Bioshock forums now open
21-Jan-2007 [Interview] BioShock community Q&A
21-Sep-2006 [Development Info] Ken Levine talks about BioShock on TTLG + video
11-May-2006 [Preview] BioShock - the best game of E3
6-May-2006 [Interview] BioShock interview at IGN
30-Nov-2005 [Game News] Take Two publishing BioShock?
14-Apr-2005 [Mod News] FFvTTR Mod Tools Released
14-Mar-2005 [Review] GameSpy gushes over Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich
13-Mar-2005 [Interview] Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich Questioned at GameShark
4-Mar-2005 [Review] IGN first to fawn over Freedom Force sequel
4-Mar-2005 [Preview] RPGDot anticipates Freedom Force 2
2-Mar-2005 [Interview] GameSpot talks to Irrational's Ken Levine
23-Feb-2005 [Game News] Freedom Force sequel GOLD
21-Feb-2005 [Interview] GI.n Interviews Freedom Force
21-Feb-2005 [Game News] Freedom Force SP2 Patch Released
19-Feb-2005 [Preview] FFvtTR preview at GameSpy as well
19-Feb-2005 [Preview] FFvtTR previewage at IGN
15-Feb-2005 [Interview] CGO talks to Ken Levine
12-Feb-2005 [Editorial] Ken Levine Discusses Self-Publishing
3-Feb-2005 [Preview] Brief FFvtTR at Worthplaying
27-Jan-2005 [Preview] Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich Reports
18-Jan-2005 [Preview] GameSpy anticipates KOTOR2, FFvtTR
8-Jan-2005 [Preview] Freedom Force vtTR preview at GameSpot... again
7-Jan-2005 [Interview] EuroGamer talks to Ken Leving about FFvtTR
2-Dec-2004 [Preview] Freedom Force vtTR dev diary at IGN
12-Nov-2004 [Interview] Freedom Force vtTR Q&A #2 at RPGVault
6-Nov-2004 [Interview] Freedom Force vtTR back and forth at RPGVault
14-Oct-2004 [Interview] BioShock Q&A on IGN
8-Oct-2004 [Preview] Freedom Force vtTR preview at GameSpot
17-Sep-2004 [Interview] Freedom Force 2 interview at official site
4-Sep-2004 [Preview] Freedom Force 2 core art dev diary on IGN
2-Aug-2004 [Game News] Irrational Games scores an ally!
9-Jul-2004 [Interview] FF vs Third Reich interview at GameBanshee
7-Jul-2004 [Preview] Freedom Force sequel dev diary at PC.IGN
22-May-2004 [Game News] IGN picks best PC games of E3 2004
15-Apr-2004 [Preview] New Freedom Force developer diary at IGN
19-Feb-2004 [Interview] Freedom Force 2 Dev Diary at IGN
4-Feb-2004 [Interview] IGN talks Nazi Stompin' Superheroes
6-Dec-2003 [Interview] Freedom Force 2 probings at RPGDot
31-Oct-2003 [Preview] Freedom Force sequel ramblings on PC.IGN
17-Oct-2003 [Interview] Freedom Force 2 Q&A at HomeLan Fed
17-Oct-2003 [Game News] Freedom Force 2 official announcement
16-Oct-2003 [Interview] Freedom Force 2 interrogations at GameSpot

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