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Freedom Force vs The Third Reich 60% Off at GOG

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Freedom Force vs The Third Reich 60% Off at GOG

Information - posted by Crooked Bee on Wed 15 August 2012, 16:49:56

Tags: Freedom Force versus the Third Reich; GOG; Irrational Games

As of today, and today only, you can buy the squad-based action RPG Freedom Force vs The Third Reich, a sequel to the original Freedom Force, for just $2.39 at GOG.com. Which is 60% off the original price.

When Nuclear Winter returns with a plot to destroy Freedom Force and the free world, gaming's greatest heroes must team up with a flurry of fresh faces! As the sinister soviet's plan unfurls, Patriot City's finest find themselves flung through time into the greatest conflict the planet has ever seen - World War 2!

A great, super hero comic-book style, tactical RPG with deep characters, destructible environment and interesting story. Recruit new members (each with unique back-story and abilities), train the old ones, gather your team and test your tactical skills in this awesome, action packed, game.

What's cool about it:
- A melodramatic, comic book style story
- Crisp, cartoon-like visuals
- Dozens of heroes and villains and a character editor that lets you create your own​

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