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Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich Reports

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Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich Reports

Preview - posted by Exitium on Thu 27 January 2005, 04:14:46

Tags: Freedom Force; Irrational Games

Worthplaying has stocked a new set of screenshots for Irrational Games' upcoming superhero themed tactical combat RPG.

Games Domain has also put up a preview of the game.

In the late 1930s, the first issues of Captain America comics hit the stands. The cover is a brave and striking image: Captain America, the Sentinel of Liberty, leaping through the air to deliver a devastating right cross to Der Fuhrer's face. That comic, drawn by Jack Kirby, was controversial because it predated the U.S. entering WWII. And so began a brief but important phase in comics -- when superheroes tackled everybody's favorite bad guys, the Nazi menace. This is the ground Irrational Games has chosen to cover with their hotly anticipated sequel to their critical darling, Freedom Force.​
The official Irrational Games website has announced that they will also be selling the game direct from their Freedom Fans online store stating that when you order directly from Irrational, you will receive our bonus disk with three exclusive Bronze Age characters. Plus, the first 500 orders will receive signed concept art from their artist, Robb Waters.

Count me in.

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