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Freedom Force 2 probings at RPGDot

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Freedom Force 2 probings at RPGDot

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 6 December 2003, 04:36:19

Tags: Freedom Force versus the Third Reich; Irrational Games

RPGDot has made an interview with Ken Levine about Freedom Force versus the Third Reich, covering things like graphics, throwing cars, the comic book era it's set in, and this about the game structure:

RPGDot: Freedom Force's strength was the tactical team-based combat but the RPG aspect was basically limited to character creation and progression. Will The Third Reich remain mission-based? Will there be any branching story lines or other improvements to the RPG aspects of the title?

Ken Levine:
The game will indeed be mission-based. While the story won't have branching storylines of the Deus Ex variety, it should feel significantly different as you play as different characters.​

Maybe they should change the name to Linear Mission Force then.

Spotted this at Blue's News

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