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FFvtTR previewage at IGN

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FFvtTR previewage at IGN

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Sat 19 February 2005, 02:48:06

Tags: Freedom Force versus the Third Reich; Irrational Games

IGN's latest preview of Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich, the imminent superhero RPG whose <a href=http://rpgcodex.com/php-bin/admin/newnews.php#3284>demo was recently released[/url].

Though the origins are cool, you'll spend most of your time focusing on the new powers. Green Genie is a nice support character. She can dish out some electrical damage against enemies and has an awesome power called Sow the Wind that launches nearby enemies up into the air. While these powers are definitely effective, Green Genie can do so much more to help the other members of the team. Her Doppleganger power turns one friendly hero into another, random hero for a short time while her Speeding Frenzy adds a nice speed boost to an ally. In terms of dealing with enemies, she can either take control of them directly or simply turn them into a harmless flowerpot.​
Yeah, turning Nazi stormtroopers into flowerpots is a riot.

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