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Freedom Force vtTR Q&A #2 at RPGVault

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Freedom Force vtTR Q&A #2 at RPGVault

Interview - posted by Spazmo on Fri 12 November 2004, 16:10:13

Tags: Freedom Force versus the Third Reich; Irrational Games

RPG Vault have done their second interview with the Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich team.

Alexx Kay
Green Genie's Object Lesson is lots of fun. It temporarily turns enemies into inanimate flowerpots. These are indestructible, but there's nothing stopping you from picking them up and throwing them a long distance, which can be very useful tactically.

Tombstone's Possession is a great new tool in the power arsenal. When it's used, Tombstone himself becomes intangible for the duration, and is replaced on your roster by the possessed foe. This is cool, as it allows you to try out enemy powers yourself.

One of my favorite bits of unintended emergent gameplay came out of using both of these powers on a foe at the same time, in case he resisted one of them. In the event, both of them went off successfully - leaving Tombstone's mind in the body of... a flowerpot! Needless to say, flowerpots don't have any useful offensive powers, leaving Tomb-y quite annoyed. :)
Turning enemies into flowerpots? Well, the H2G2 reference is nice, but turning them into whales would have been more fun.

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