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Freedom Force vtTR preview at GameSpot

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Freedom Force vtTR preview at GameSpot

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Fri 8 October 2004, 00:26:54

Tags: Freedom Force versus the Third Reich; Irrational Games

Gamespot PC have previewed Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich, the upcoming superhero squad RPG from Irrational Games.

Sky King is a movie actor whose claim to fame is a rickety jetpack that was originally a movie prop. However, the patriotic urge to help the Allied troops in World War II inspires him to seek a means to make his jetpack work. Despite his lack of innate superpowers, Sky King's ability to fly is a remarkable power (or at least, it would have been, back in the 1940s). Quetzalcoatl is a different story. This young boy whiles away his afternoons listening to boring stories of Aztec lore from his grandfather, only to acquire the powers of an ancient deity through a series of accidents. Quetzalcoatl's mystical powers let him wield a feathered serpent (his namesake) in battle, and his powers also grant him divine healing abilities.​

Hey, remember that cartoon Captain Planet? And remember that brown kid who had the Heart ring and the monkey? Man, I hated that kid.

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