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Freedom Force 2 Q&A at HomeLan Fed

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Freedom Force 2 Q&A at HomeLan Fed

Interview - posted by Spazmo on Fri 17 October 2003, 15:05:42

Tags: Freedom Force versus the Third Reich; Irrational Games

HomeLan Fed have snagged an interview with Irrational's Jonathan Chey all about the upcoming (in Spring 2004, hopefully) Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich.

Admittedly there have been a lot of WW2 games on the market recently, but this is a pretty different take on it. I mean, we’re talking heroes from the 60s traveling back in time to take on Hitler’s super-Nazis here, not the latest ultra-accurate simulation of the Omaha beaches. We think it’s pretty cool.

Other than to say that it involves Freedom Force traveling back in time to take on the Third Reich itself, the story should probably stay pretty much under wraps for now. I can say that the old team makes a return along with some new 60s heroes and some Golden Age heroes. Expect also see the return of some old foes (with a few nasty twists…) along with Blitzkrieg and his crew of Axis Antagonists.​

Such amazing alliteration arouses my attention! I hope this game has a giant mecha-Hitler bot like Wolfenstein 3D did.

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