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System Shock 2 Community Patch Released

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System Shock 2 Community Patch Released

Mod News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 1 November 2014, 17:20:22

Tags: Irrational Games; Looking Glass Studios; System Shock 2

For many years, System Shock 2 players who wanted an optimal gameplay experience have had to make due with the ancient "Anomalies, Discrepancies and outright Bugs" (ADaOB) mod, which besides fixing various bugs, also introduced possibly unwelcome balancing changes to the game. Well, this morning that era finally came to an end. After a long time in development, the members of the prestigious System Shock 2 modding community over at systemshock.org have released the System Shock 2 Community Patch, commonly known as the SCP, which aims to provide the most faithful and definitive bug-free SS2 experience. Here's the description:

SCP is intended to serve as an unofficial patch for System Shock 2 that delivers an authentic but also highly polished SS2 gameplay experience—hopefully approximating the form SS2 would have taken if Irrational had had a few more months to work on it before release. All changes have been made with the intent of respecting Irrational’s original vision. The other goal of SCP is to upgrade SS2 to take advantage of the enhanced graphical features of the NewDark engine in those ways that are beyond the means of standalone mods.

The guiding principle for SCP has been that SS2’s gameplay is fine as-is, and that its greatest strength is immersion—its ability to make players feel like they’re really trapped on board the Von Braun with all its horrors. So while we’ve tweaked game systems and made adjustments to the level geometry, the goal hasn’t been balancing gameplay, but rather eliminating those things that don’t make sense to the point that they take you out of the game. Anything illogical, gamey, or otherwise immersion-breaking, we’ve tried to correct.

SCP requires System Shock 2 patched to version 2.43 (NewDark) or higher.

Also included is a preview version of SHTUP-ND, highly recommended for use with SCP.

Download Here (please try these links first)
Congratulations to voodoo47, ZylonBane, and all the other contributors. For other essential System Shock 2 mods, including graphics and audio improvements, I recommend taking a look at their excellent Newbie Modding Guide.

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