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Freedom Force 2 core art dev diary on IGN

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Freedom Force 2 core art dev diary on IGN

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 4 September 2004, 02:55:32

Tags: Freedom Force versus the Third Reich; Irrational Games

There's a dev diary about the artsy stuff, style, level layout and so forth in Freedom Force versus the Third Reich over at PC.IGN. Here's a bit on the time periods and secret villian lairs:

We wanted to keep the two time periods of the 40's and 60's quite distinct, so we are being careful to make sure no assets from one time period are used in the other - unless the story arc permits it. There are also various unique, underground and indoor levels that are specific to the main villain characters. One villain has his military base located in a large open canyon with a narrow ravine leading up to it. This is fortified with gigantic impassible barriers that are being generated from the other side. Blitzkrieg has his base located in a built-up underground complex, containing ominous lab equipment that's been set up for conducting horrific experiments and extracting Energy-X from captured heroes. Red Oktober has her lair underground also, but this structure is much more naturally carved out of rock with overgrown tree roots infesting the place. The new Patriot City is still set in the 1960's as in the first game, but we have now re-built the old assets and it now looks much more colorful and cleaner overall. Multi-player maps are also in production and we'll be re-using assets from the other existing build sets to construct these.​

I've always wanted some ominous lab equipment.

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