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FFvtTR preview at GameSpy as well

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FFvtTR preview at GameSpy as well

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Sat 19 February 2005, 02:51:14

Tags: Freedom Force versus the Third Reich; Irrational Games

GameSpy also have got a preview of Freedom Force vs The Third Reich, and their preview is also based on the demo many of you have played.

Once Tombstone's origin is over, the level begins. A mysterious enemy named Nemesis has changed history, causing the Axis to win World War II. Naturally the Freedom Force can't allow this, so they travel back in time to stop Nemesis' nefarious no-goodniks. This particular level is set in 1940's Berlin and puts the player in control of Tombstone, El Diablo, and two of the game's new heroes, the slightly dim and relentlessly perky Green Genie, and Blackjack (one of Winston's chaps looking to give the Hun what-for). They arrive just in time for a good old-fashioned Nazi book burning. It seems a bunch of Hitler's goose-stepping morons under the command of Italian super-villain Fortissimo are about to burn a Shakespeare first folio, a Gutenberg Bible, and the original Summa Theologica -- along with a copy of the battle plans that cause them to win the war. This might charitably be described as a "bad thing."​
One thing I have to wonder after playing the demo is why that British agent dude sounds Australian at times.

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