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Take Two publishing BioShock?

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Take Two publishing BioShock?

Game News - posted by Spazmo on Wed 30 November 2005, 22:11:33

Tags: BioShock; Irrational Games

IGN has a news item suggesting that bigtime publisher Take Two Interactive might be publishing Irrational's upcoming System Shock 2 spiritual successor, BioShock.

November 29, 2005 - Thank goodness for public records. A November 16 filing at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office reveals Take-Two Interactive has applied for trademark of the name "BioShock" for a videogame. It isn't a fantastic leap, then, to suspect the publisher has picked up Irrational's latest project, announced last fall.

When contacted, a Take Two spokesperson refused to comment, though assuming the company has indeed signed the title, we expect Take Two will make an announcement soon.​
Let's see... Take Two... well, they're not Atari and they're not Interplay, so that's already something in their favour.

Thanks, Whipporowill!

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