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RPGDot anticipates Freedom Force 2

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RPGDot anticipates Freedom Force 2

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Fri 4 March 2005, 21:37:00

Tags: Freedom Force versus the Third Reich; Irrational Games

RPGDot's Dhruin got a chance to play with a preview copy of Irrational's Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich and brings us a <a href=http://www.rpgdot.com/index.php?hsaction=10053&ID=1104>preview[/url] of the superhero RPG.

I never understood comics. Even as a child when other kids my age were eagerly discovering X-Men and arguing the strengths and weaknesses of their superhero favourites, I was lost in the worlds of Asimov and Clark, Goodkind and Feist. And so it was until Irrational released Freedom Force in 2002 - which was such as delight to play I couldn’t help but reassess my old prejudice. With the brilliantly chilling System Shock 2 behind them and the legacy of Looking Glass Studios carried with several team members, Freedom Force was a sort of 90 degree turn down a completely different gaming theme – a bright, colourful, over-the-top but just plain fun to play superhero strategy game with a wealth of charm and wit.​
Only a few more days until March 8th so we can play this dang game.

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