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Restricted Area interview at GamingXP

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Restricted Area interview at GamingXP

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 22 April 2004, 15:34:37

Tags: Jan Beuck; Master Creating; Restricted Area

GamingXP posted a very boring <a href=http://www.gamingxp.com/reports/main/ausgabe.asp?1=reports&2=navigationlinks&ID=337>interview[/url] with Jan Beuck, master-creator of Restricted Area, a cyberpunk action RPG heavily influenced by Shadowrun

There will be some MOD-tools that fans of the game can use to make their own modifications of the game. Will there be a bigger support? And do you expect the players to make a lot of MODs?

We plan to support the community as much as possible. How many MODs will be available depends on the players. We will try to help wherever it's possible and maybe even publish, how to implement new 3d-models from extern software (such as 3D Studio Max or Maya) to make new enemies - the skill to model and animate this kind of figure is a requirement of course.​
If you want to know the answers to some very stupid questions like "will there be a console version, what console would you choose, what kinda features you would put in the console version", click <a href=http://www.gamingxp.com/reports/main/ausgabe.asp?1=reports&2=navigationlinks&ID=337>here[/url].

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