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Sacred scores high at VGL

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Sacred scores high at VGL

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 24 April 2004, 20:59:19

Tags: Sacred

There's a review of Sacred over at VideoGamesLife where it earns a 91%, which is probably a bit too high for the title, but what the hell? Here's a clip of the bad stuff:

Everything in Sacred isn’t perfect, however. There are a striking amount of bugs and problems, ranging from animation glitches to whole sections of text remaining blank. The game habitually crashes on extended sessions, and while patches have been rectifying a lot of problems, the sheer scale of the game means that it could be a while before all the wrinkles get ironed out. There’s some suspect voice acting and ‘quotes’ from characters mid-battle (especially from the Gladiator), but nothing we haven’t come to expect. The ‘combo’ system is disappointingly nowhere near as interesting as it sounds. While the thought of being able to link up to four combat moves and combat runes together at a combo master might sound interesting at first, during the heat of battle it just proves to be a big waste of time. Multiplayer is a let down, too, as even though there’s a co-operative mode for up to 4 players, there’s little else except Player v Player combat and Hack ‘n’ Slash together for up to 16 players. It would have been nice if Ascaron could have done something to give it that bit more of an edge online.​

I've only had one crash so far, but when you've played the game for 3+ hours and you lose all that work, it does make you a little testy.

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