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Some thoughts on the Fallout games

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Some thoughts on the Fallout games

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 24 April 2004, 22:40:00

Tags: Fallout; Interplay

NMA reported that a fella named Bitterman posted his <a href=http://www.desolation.org/nurk/forum/viewtopic.php?p=3788#3788>opinions[/url] on every Fallout game from venerable Fallout 1 to the infamous console crap.

Fallout 1 was it's own game, in it's own right. But the premise, the world, and even events in the world, were throw backs, if you will, to Wasteland....The Glow. A once military base, which is mostly a hole in the ground. Home to a super computer, and some powered down robots. Geographically speaking, coincides with with the location of Base Cochise, from Wasteland. The military base spawning the robotic threat.

Fallout 2 wasn't a game. It was a joke. An insult. A string of well placed easter eggs, and pop culture referenes, assembled in such a way to make it seem like there was a plot. ...Shady Sands was what an opening area needed to be. Simple soft ball quests, you could knock out of the park with the right skills for a good start in the game. Simple introductory conversations, a few talking heads, and an NPC to recruit. Klamath? Fucking nothing. You could see where there was the start of something. The Buckner family, Whisky Bob. Trapper Town. The areas were there for it, they had NPCs that could've been good ones. But it dropped off short.

Fallout: Tactics was exactly what it was. It's what Fallout would be, if you made it into a tactical shooter. It wasn't an RPG. For what it was, it was a very good game. For comparing it to Fallout 1 and 2, yeah it sucked.. because that's not what kind of game it was. But the hardline, etched in stone Post Apoc community would hear none of it. It was an insult, to even consider that. The game was never given a chance.

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel wasn't given a chance either. Condemed before birth. People hated Fallout BoS, before it even came out. Just the idea, Fallout on a console. People still hate Fallout BoS, they probably haven't even played it. ... That's right, we killed Interplay. I hope you're happy.​
I'm happy. Dickerman, apparently, isn't. So, FO2 was an insult, and FOBOS wasn't. He's also managed to ignore the fact that it was FOBOS that killed FO3.

Note to Saint, it's the last time, I promise.

Spotted at: NMA

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