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Sacred gets some love from PC Gaming

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Sacred gets some love from PC Gaming

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 1 May 2004, 21:14:24

Tags: Sacred

There's a review of Sacred over at PC Gaming. It's a 4/5 score, but the thing makes some rather odd points about things. See for yourself:

The gameplay is non-linear, so you’re free to explore your world, tour towns and villages, and kill whatever you meet. Unlike most RPG’s, skill advancement in Sacred doesn’t come with the accumulation of experience points but by picking up or trading icons. While that might be a novel innovation, it does make the fighting even less meaningful than the average hack-and-slash. Without points, all that’s left is the joy of the kill - and rifling the bodies to steal their goodies. Worse, advancement affects statistical calculations more than battle moves so progress is motivated less by career ambition than curiosity about the next town and a hunger for the next kill.​

Actually, the story is quite linear. You'll always go talk to the guy in Bevellue or whatever the town is called, then go to Silver Creek, then to the town on the edge of the desert, save Wilbur, and so on, all in that order, every time. Just because you can explore to your heart's content and do sidequests before crossing each set story checkpoint, doesn't mean it's not linear.

And yeah, you do get skill points when you level up.

Lastly, since I'm feeling verbose, how is the thrill of exploring worse than squeezing out every bit of experience points you can find?

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