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BeyDiv patched again

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BeyDiv patched again

Development Info - posted by Ausir on Fri 7 May 2004, 22:22:19

Tags: Beyond Divinity; Larian Studios

Only a day after the 1.40 patch, Larian's Beyond Divinity has been patched twice - to 1.41 and now to 1.42. Here are the new fixes:
    Bugfixes in v1.41 to v1.42

    - Fixed upgrade mechanism for savegames from V1.4 that was broken in V1.41
    - Fixed problem with BF quest descriptions

    Bugfixes in v1.40 to v1.41

    - Fixed bug with items having wrong names and stats
    - Fixed Summoning Doll inventories
    - Put Crystal bag in magic category
    - Fixed Alchemy problem when creating a permanent potion
    - Fixed a possible crash when pickpocketing
    - Fixed learning skill cost
    - bf quest bug when removing item from inventory after completign quest
    - academy entrance story blocker
You can get the patch in English or German. I wonder how many hours are left until the release of 1.43...

Spotted at: RPGDot

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