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VGL disappointed with Beyond Divinity

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VGL disappointed with Beyond Divinity

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 11 May 2004, 15:22:24

Tags: Beyond Divinity; Larian Studios

Another Beyond Divinity review! This time it's Video Games Life's turn to share with us their opinion, which, btw, is not overly positive. The score is 69% and the word is that it's an incredibly generic RPG, often playable, sometimes frustrating and never original

Combat is mostly reminiscent of Diablo, if not quite as smooth. It's fast, sometimes bewilderingly fast, so it’s a good thing the space bar pauses the action. There's a default key for auto-attacking the closest enemy, so easier grunts aren't a problem but if you're unfortunate enough to stumble across higher level monsters before you're ready for them, one of your characters could be dead in a couple of hits. In the usual fashion, potions instantly replenish health so often fighting major enemies revolve around the correct timing of consumption of your red vials. It’s addictive, nonetheless; level ups are often hugely rewarding, allowing you to add to an unusually detailed skill tree, and the acquisition of a phenomenal range of new equipment incites a sense of achievement through long, sometimes tedious battling.​
In other words, if you want to play something like that, get Diablo II instead.

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