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GameSpot keeps hyping Dungeon Lords

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GameSpot keeps hyping Dungeon Lords

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 14 May 2004, 14:26:25

Tags: Dungeon Lords; DW Bradley; Heuristic Park Inc.

GameSpot posted another article on the incredibly deep role-playing game Dungeon Lords. As you recall, the previous article told us that all that depth is coming from the ability to select from eight playable races, some nonhuman, and a gender.

Looking at it, Dungeon Lords appears to be a rather fast-paced action game where your character runs around the world slaying monsters left and right. But beneath the flashy graphics is the heart of a deep role-playing game, designed by David W. Bradley, a noted RPG designer for almost 20 years.

Dungeon Lords is his attempt to create an action RPG, but it’s also one that’s designed to hide all the stats and interface conventions of regular role-playing games. You see that immediately by looking at the game; the screen is clear of clutter, and save for a small health bar in the upper left corner, there’s nothing else between the player and the action.​
Who needs stats when you have a health bar?

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