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Dungeon Lord paid advertisement at TVG

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Dungeon Lord paid advertisement at TVG

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 19 May 2004, 02:09:24

Tags: Dungeon Lords; Heuristic Park Inc.

Total Video Games (btw, did you guys notice that some sites have really stupid names?), posted a 3-page first look at Dungeon Lords. That "first look" actually is either an interview or a paid advertisement since it made almost entirely of quotes aimed to convince people that DL is a great RPG loaded with full role-playing experience and all kinda sophisticated stuff.

“Dungeon Lords has been created and specifically designed to appeal to a broad game base; we want RPG fans, who love large detailed worlds, grand stories and customisable characters, and we want people who may never have played an RPG but who enjoy fighting games. Dungeon Lords combines the depth of a D.W. Bradley RPG with an accessible and fun combat interface that offers action fans an intuitive way into the RPG. At the same time, we have included features to simplify combat for hard-core RPG fans who may have less experience with action games.”​
Yep, it's so exciting to play an RPG made for people who've never heard of RPGs but like fighting games.

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