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IPLY hits 52 week low - investors fear

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IPLY hits 52 week low - investors fear

Company News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 22 May 2004, 01:04:19

Tags: Interplay

It looks like Interplay's investors are starting to figure out something might be going wrong at the company, given the situation with the payroll, the benefits, the web site, and so on. Their stock, IPLY.OB, has gone from openning the week at 6.5 cents/share down to 4.8 cents/share, which is the lowest it's closed at during the 52 week period.

Even the most stalwart of the investors over at the Raging Bull IPLY forum are starting to get nervous, and some are bailing out. Here's one post from frymuchan:

I keep trying to find out something but Interplay is like Fort Knox right now with giving out information. I called them today, just to see if someone would answer the phone. It took many, many rings and then a confused really young sounding woman answered the phone (I've spoken to her a few other times). I asked her what was going on with the website and she said she did not know. Then I asked her when it would be working again, and she said they must be working on it or something and told me to check back later, thinking it would probably be fixed soon. I'm glad that at least someone is working at Interplay (who knows what is going on there right now), but at least they have a receptioninst working right now. Supposedly earnings are going to be coming out on Monday. We shall see. Any news other than bankruptcy should help this stock out.​

Actually, that's not true. I can think of several things about this company that can make the stock dip lower. Production freeze due to a lack of money, cancelling projects/lay offs, and things of that nature - which are all entirely possible.

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