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Power of Law Q&A at RPG Vault

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Power of Law Q&A at RPG Vault

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 27 May 2004, 22:26:15

Tags: MISTLand; Power of Law: COPS: 2170

RPG Vault posted an interview with Vitaly Shutov about upcoming Power of Law, a tactical turn-based cyberpunk RPG.

We're told that the gameworld can change according to decisions the player makes - different allies, events, weapons, and even shifts in the main plot. How do these come about?

Well, everything is as easy as ABC. Let me illustrate it by way of an example from the game. Our main hero, Katrin, is a recent graduate from the academy. She's just joined the police force and doesn't yet know all the webs of relations in the department. At the beginning of the game, she'll have the opportunity to take someone in her crew, who will probably advise her to join a 'club' for their 'mutual benefit' - in other words, to use her position as a cop to cloak some private / illegal / shady dealings along with others.

Kati can choose whether or not to help them find and do away with a secret agent from Internal Security Service who is amongst them, or punish those who have hampered the progress of the investigation. Depending on your actions, you'll probably receive different rewards. And later on, your choice will influence the staff and your probable friends. Finally, nearly all the plotlines meet in the end, and only then will it become apparent who's really a friend and who's the enemy...

As well, many small decisions will affect several sub-quests. For instance, helping a certain group in a certain way may result in a riot in the streets, which flares up in the next mission. As a result, one of your characters leaves your ranks. This may make it impossible to reach one more characters with their own quests on another map. There are many similar situations and events in the game.​
I liked that part about events in one mission influencing another. Sounds promising.

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